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New! Adama Spinning Factory Becomes Com4®ring Yarn Licensed
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Adama Spinning Factory is a privately owned 100% Cotton yarn manufacturer with a state of the art Spinning facility. It was established in August, 2008 G.C on 53,495 square meters of land In Oromia regional state, Adama (Nazreth) town. As a part of forward integration, the factory has established a Reeling and Socks knitting plants in 2013 G.C.

The virtue of its location has the advantage of Getting enough electric power supply, proximity to cotton growing areas, availability of abundant labor, basic infrastructure of water supply, easy access to Addis Ababa-Djibouti road and rail way, Schools, hospitals and other infrastructural facilities.

The factory produces different counts of cotton yarn by using locally cultivated lint cotton which originates mainly from Awash valley and Gonder Area.

The company has implemented and awarded a certificate in IS0 9001 QMS and WRAP principle. It has created a job opportunity for about 450 employees.

The company has planned to undertake a vertical integration project to be realized in the near future. As part of a backward linkage, establishment of ginnery plant, and as part of a forward integration, knit to garment project.



Production and supply of 100% cotton yarn, Socks and other textile products for local and foreign markets at competitive price and thereby insure profitability and sustainable growth by establishing efficient and modern management and leadership practices that fit the global demand.


To be the top quality yarn, socks and other textile products Producer and exporter in the country and competitive in the global market.


JUSTICE AND EQUALITY: Adhere to the principles of fairness, impartiality (equal Opportunity) and protection of all employees.

INTEGRITY: Be honest, transparent and accountable to all stakeholders.

INNOVATION: Be oriented towards learning and continual improvement.

EXCELLENCE: Be operationally and professionally excellent.

SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY: Build up employee’s and community‘s belongingness.










Contact Info.

Head Office:-
Mr. Feleke Bekele
Managing Director

Haile Gebreselassie Avenue,

Zequala Complex Building, 9th Floor,




Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Mrs. Aberash Tadesse

Commercial Manager

Haile Gebreselassie Avenue,

Zequala Complex Building, 9th Floor,




Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Factory Site:-

Mr. Yimer Yimam

General Manager

Kebele 05, In front of Dallol Hotel






Adama, Ethiopia.